We are extremly happy with the program! Our son has been very focused, enjoy doing home work, playing with numbers and asking more questions. His confidence is increasing and his level of competition as well. Thank you

Ilham, i-Maths Parent – i-Maths Ottawa

Math is a very good kids education and learning program for pre-schoolers. It introduces kids to math and logical reasoning at a very young age when their brain is fresh and ready to grasp a lot of new learning. The age group the program targets (4-6 years)is the biggest advantage of the program. I was excited to enrol my child in the program when he was 5 and have seen a big difference in his writing and math skills. He started getting very passionate and confident about numbers and has got a very strong foundation that allows him to face math as he enters school. He also gained leadership skills and helping others through this process.

Pavitra Chandhramouli, i-Maths Parent – i-Maths Ottawa

Thanks to i- math we have noticed great overall improvement in our son Viren’s learning. His writing and number skills have enhanced greatly. Thank you for all your hard work and support.

Sukpal Maloka, i-Maths Parent – i-Maths Ottawa
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