This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of mathematics. It is designed in accordance with the Ontario curriculum, incorporating five strands: Number Sense, Measurement, Geometry, and Spatial Sense, Patterning and Algebra, and Data Management and Probability. The program aims to foster critical thinking, problem-solving and inquiry skills in children.

In my experience, the i-Maths program complements the development that takes place in a public school system. It promotes mathematical understanding through inquiry-based learning opportunities. This program creates a student-centered approach to mathematical learning with the aid of a facilitator and multiple materials. Also, i-Maths is redirecting the focus

from the result to the process, hence enriching the student’s learning experience.

With an emphasis on learning through problem solving and reasoning, children develop the conceptual foundation they require to succeed in mathematics.

The i-Maths program helps children develop the knowledge and confidence they need by demonstrating a positive disposition towards Mathematics.

Juhi Arora, Peel School Board Teacher

My child has just spent few months in iMath class and I have seen the positive impact in him. He's always looking forward to go to the class. He does his homework without anyone reminding him of it and he does it without supervision. I would recommend i - math to every parent who wants the best for their children.

Tunbuson Michael, i-Maths Parent – i-Maths Ottawa

We have seen significant improvement in our child's ability to focus and determination to finish a task after joining the I -math program. This program greatly helps him in his concentration. My child loves the innovative and engaging teaching methods and very much excited to go the class every week. A very big thanks to iMath in helping my child grow in a bright pathway.

Bhuvaneshwari Balasubramanian, i-Maths Parent – i-Maths Ottawa
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