Your child’s bright future is our success story


A child’s brain is like a wet soil that can be molded to form any beautiful artefact. At i-Maths, with right exposure and stimulus, children can develop an amazing foundation of learning, starting from numbers 1 to 20.

We make learning fun for children through regular activities that incorporate numbers and calculations. Our teachings also focus on developing observation, classification, basic network, Hands and eyes coordination, Probability, and Number recognition. Our multi-sensory activities are sure to engage the kids as they play to learn, and learn to play.

i-Maths follows the trilateral method to introduce a concept.

Introduction of a concept through i-Maths

Concrete Method

3D tools are used to focus on hands-on learning, encouraging experimental learning

Semi-Abstract Method

2D charts, visual charts represent the flow, help in better understanding and contribute to the development of aptitude & skills

Abstract Method

Activity books are used to apply and evaluate the concept taught

i-Maths encourages multiple solution

i-Maths, a unique program based on math, is built around taking a child through different learning experiences using various approaches.