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FAQ’s for Parent Guidelines


How i-Maths is different from Montessori school ?


  • Focused on math
  • $120 to $150
    per month (part time)


  • General learning abilities covering different subjects
  • 1200 to 1500
    per month (full time)

i-Maths is an affordable program which is focused on Math and uses trilateral method of teaching. We use different teaching aids and methods to ensure the lessons are understood as the concepts are aligned to school curriculum. i-Maths is not just play-based learning but is a purposeful play which reinforces the concepts in different ways so that the child is confident and has a strong foundation of math. It is a group learning with one-on-one attention focusing on math concepts and guiding the children to analyse, think critically and rationalize their work through the strategic approach of i-Maths.


What difference do I see in my child after he does the program ?

i-Maths is a structured program incorporating different learning styles for young minds focusing on the needs and skills required for them. Learning is a gradual process and is more effective & result-oriented if the child is in a conducive environment. By this, we make the learning process fun and playful which contributes to the impressionable start for children. A good foundation helps the child to build confidence which is reflected all through the child’s life.

Once the child completes the program, it will help him have better understanding of math concepts which in turn helps the child understand the school math clearly and develops aptitude towards learning. Children will:

  • a. Have a strong math foundation – Algebra, Geometry and Arithmetic skills
  • b. Have good communication and presentation skills
  • c. Be good in problem solving and strategizing
  • d. Be a good team player


Why should my child do i-Maths at this age and not UCMAS ?

Having your child in the age bracket where we can start i-Maths is an opportunity which we recommend as an excellent experience that should not be missed. i-Maths approach is an effective way to learn math in a fun way. Children enjoy doing math as i-Maths is more structured and colorful imbibing interactive ways of learning.

i-Maths believes in introducing complicated math concepts such as probability, pattern and sequencing, venn diagram, algebraic substitution, graphs, geometry, space mapping and so on in a simple play way method. i-Maths is less pressure driven and no pressure of homework helps student enjoy the program and eventually they can start UCMAS program which is a disciplined program focusing on brain development. i-Maths develops motor skills, writing skills, number skills, problem-solving skills, and times tables which helps children for a comfortable start and easy transition through the different levels of UCMAS program

The critical-thinking approach and concepts of i-Math (algebra, geometry, number skills) and the systematic brain development program of UCMAS focusing on mental math skills will give a strong foundation of math to your child.