Can Problem-Solving be Interesting too?

Can Problem-Solving be Interesting too
Can Problem-Solving be Interesting too

Problem-solving is an extensive part of Mathematics. It might look like the most difficult aspect, but the fact is quite the opposite. Solving a problem requires you to not only use your expertise in that particular topic, but it also gauges your thinking ability and competitiveness. Having your child enrolled in a Math program for kids or a Preschool activity could surely give way to get their creative juices running and make Problem-solving interesting for them.


Puzzle is the one game that can never be out-dated. It is the single most game enjoyed by everyone irrespective of age, gender, or background. Solving puzzles boosts your child’s critical thinking. It also makes them learn the importance of patience and how essential it is in problem-solving.You can get hold of some amazing Puzzles here: Math Puzzle

Preschool Activities

Get your child enrolled in a preschool activity or take it upon yourself to conduct it at home. The place doesn’t matter as long as your child is learning without frowning. You can teach absolutely anything in these activities that get your child’s mind up and running. It could be a number game or an applied activity, or a rhyme or a song. This helps in sharpening their motor and social skills and enhances their cognitive development.

Math Art

Math has always been an important part of Art Culture. Many artists were once Mathematicians. Math art is the most creative way to get your child to visualize and solve math problems. Check here for some great ideas.

Online Learning Games

Online Learning Games are the quickest way to get your child interested in Math. Convert the time spent on watching meaningless stuff online into productive learning. You can make your child develop an interest in Sudoku, or Chess, or Riddles or even Monopoly! Once they get the hang of it, they’ll be more inclined to play those games offline as well. These games broadly improve their thinking skills and sharpen their mind.

Scavenger Hunt

There might hardly be anyone who would not enjoy playing Scavenger Hunt. It is such a flexible game and you can do it alone or in a group. There are absolutely no rules! Kids anyway love finding things, and this is a sure way to get them excited to do something that involves learning as well. You can create tiny and easier riddles for your kid and see the wheels running in their head to find the next clue. It is fun for both parents and kids!

There are several games and tactics that could be used to make problem-solving interesting for your kid, but every child is special and different, so as parents it would be up to you to find out the best activity that suits your kid’s needs.

 i-Maths is a refreshingly productive Math program for kids that can help strengthen your child’s basic Math skills. We are all aware of how much of an important subject Math is, so making sure that your child not only understands it but also has fun with it is extremely crucial especially in the early stages of their life. You can get your child enrolled in the i-Maths program as a preschool activity and see it for yourself them creating a strong foundation in Math, one that will never be broken!

Easy & Fun Preschool Activities for Your Child!

Easy & Fun Preschool Activities for Your Child!
 Easy & Fun Preschool Activities for Your Child!

Pre-schoolers are the cutest and the fussiest bunch of children. It’s not easy to hold their interest for long especially when it comes to teaching them math. So, we have come up with some easy and fun activities that can help develop their interest in numbers and essentially math.

The fundamental building block of mathematics is all about understanding numbers and quantities. Handling and counting items are one of the finest methods to build these basics or number sense. We can listen to toddlers repeat numbers in order, but we want them to apply that knowledge to counting things and grasp that the numbers reflect the amount of goods.

Counting games and activities empower toddlers to “play” with numbers which helps them develop arithmetic abilities and number awareness in a natural way. These few suggestions might assist you in developing arithmetic and counting abilities within toddlers.

3 Math Fun Learning Activities for Pre-schoolers:

1. Number Recognition And Counting Activity With Play Dough Numbers

For the play dough numbers activity, you will require:

  • Some play dough
  • Dry beans, seeds, pony beads, pebbles, and other small objects
  • Number mats (You can print these)

Set out three different colors of play dough and three different types of little materials to press into the play dough numbers (dry black beans, pony beads, and popcorn kernels). Give your toddler, choices because it offers them a sense of control.

By rolling the play dough between your palms to generate a “sausage-like” shape and then shaping it with the number mat as a guide. Then practice counting by touching each item and pronouncing the numeric name loudly. For the number 4, for example, count and press 4 pony beads into the dough. Repeat for numbers 1-10. Then pose questions such as, “Which play dough number has the most items on it?” and “Which play dough number has more, 9 or 3?”

2. Number Puzzle

Puzzles are something that might frustrate adults but are adored by children. And you can make use of puzzles to inculcate number sense in your pre-schooler. All you have to do is write all the numbers on a plain paper or a breakable white cardboard with gaps between them, and then cut it into uneven shapes with each shape having a whole number.

Now, all you need to do is ask your child to solve the puzzle by joining the pieces, and you can help them with the counting of numbers and show them how the number ‘2’ comes after ‘1’ and how it is the missing piece that joins the other piece.

3. Objects around the house

It is the easiest way to make children realise the value of numbers. You can make them count objects around the house, like ‘How many doors are there in the house?’ or ‘How many chairs are there?’

This will help them familiarize themselves with the objects around the house while being able to learn and count the numbers.


The most powerful learning methods for pre-schoolers are often “hidden” inside children’s play. According to studies, approximately 50% of a child’s natural play contains some type of math. Mathematical literacy is critical for success in a competitive society, and it also helps language literacy: students gain vocabulary, reasoning, and communication skills, as well as a love for learning. Our world may be better understood via mathematics, so encourage your child to include it in all that they do. And the best way to accomplish that is having them be a part of i-Maths where learning and play go hand in hand so that your little one will never get bored.

Get on the plane of success with i-Maths Enrichment Classes!

Do you know How Impactful a Child development program can be?

Math has always been considered the toughest subject of all and rightly so. It has got so many problems and so many different ways to get its solutions that it all becomes too confusing. And if that weren’t enough, there are so many methods to solve the same problem that it becomes quite chaotic.

Children are very simple minded and getting exposed to so much information and detail can very quickly make them lose their interest in the subject. Even if their grasping power is strong, children need to be made familiar with Math in a particular manner so as not to overwhelm them. Not many child development programs think of that as they all are quite in a rush to feed children with whatever information they can get their hands on.

i-Maths math program for kids on the other hand is a high-quality child development program that provides a challenging and fun educational setting for all the students. It fosters a positive environment to boost children’s confidence in mathematics as well as makes them comfortable with a plethora of their fun and engaging activities. Students who excel at math and even who don’t all love this program as it provides them with greater challenges that at their young age excites them. This in turn also broadens their math knowledge and skills. Here are some of the benefits of enrolling your child in Math Enrichment Classes:

Promotes Self-Learning

The math program in i-Maths is designed in accordance with the pattern of developing mathematical concepts at a pace vital to a child’s mind. They are gradually introduced with the basic concepts using distinctive techniques and are then made to absorb the information at their own tempo. This not only makes for a better and clearer grasp of math knowledge but also promotes self-learning which is quite an essential skill in the long run.

Increases Appreciation for Math

In early ages, children learn to recognize math symbols and signs but don’t know much use of it except for the fact that they enjoy the variations that learning math provides. The staff at i-Maths are so well-trained that they can easily identify the potential level in children and accordingly adjust their pace and style of teaching making it learning friendly for everyone. This makes children look at math in a way they never did before.

Elevates Their Ability To Think

Math Enrichment programs such as one at i-Maths encourage young minds to think beyond the box and evaluate the way they think and do things. This in turn makes them inquisitive and curious to know more about the world. And as they say, there is nothing better than a curious child because you know their mind is working continuously to grasp all the real world knowledge.

Enthusiasm for lifelong-learning

Learning math is like having an acquired taste. Not everyone will like it at first glance or second or maybe even third. Children need to be eased into it but it is promised that once their basic concepts get cleared, math becomes more of a fun and interesting puzzle that they all will love to solve. This cultivates a passion for learning in them which they carry very well into their later years. It is undeniable how important math enrichment classes’ role is in the development of a child. So, if you want to enhance your child’s life then there is no better time than now. Enrol your child in i-Maths, a well-established math learning centre for childrendesigned to meet your and your child’s requirements to explore, learn & enjoy math.

Why Reading Out Loud is Important for Child’s Development?

As a parent one always wants the best for their child. We are always on the lookout for ways to develop their skills, behavior, confidence and overall personality. Reading our loud is one of the activities that parents, as well as early learning centres, use for a child’s development. Not only children find it interesting, but it also has a lot of cognitive and emotional benefits. Many child development programs focus on reading out loud. Let’s have a look at the benefits.

1. Better vocabulary & understanding of language

Reading out loud, one of the prevalent preschool learning activities, is one great way to enhance your child’s ability to listen, read and communicate. When you read a book or narrate a story to your li’l one, they focus hard and get to hear so many new words, which generally do not pop up in regular conversations. This helps in building their vocabulary that lasts a lifetime.

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Many storybooks are written after thorough research on a child’s understanding of language depending on their age and grade. The content is rich, words are new and the moral of the stories portray great values. While children get engaged in stories, their vocabularies are strengthened.

2. Develop reading comprehension

The ability to comprehend is one of the critical cognitive skills. Many child development programs focus on enhancing reading comprehension abilities. As you read out loud, children are mentally engaged and try to make connections, which further helps in developing comprehension skills.

It is important for children to understand what they read and apply it to what they already know. They co-relate the facts, scenes and characters as the stories are read further. This comprehension also allows them to connect those stories with their personally experienced accounts. As a result, children form a relation with characters and helps in educating their heart and mind.

3. Make them fall in love with reading and books

Many early learning centres have reading out loud as one of their main curriculum activities. Reading goes beyond words and helps instilling curiosity and love for reading. It is said that when we nurture a child’s love for books or reading, we get a child who can read as well who does read. This helps a child in attaining academic success as well as profound knowledge. Who knows your child can be the next J.K. Rowling or Mark Twain!

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i-Maths is an early enrichment program for kids aged 3-7 years. We have several research-backed preschool learning activities, including reading out loud, that helps a child in developing critical and creative thinking abilities.

To find your nearest i-Maths centre, click here. For more information, call: 1877-826-2790.

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