An Early Math enrichment
program for young children
between 3 to 7 years

IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the i-Maths Management Team

Welcome to the world of i-Maths

i-Maths is a unique math program for children aged 3-7 years that inspires creativity & imagination in them. It prepares them in areas of problem-solving, connection, patterns & relationships and number sense. We nurture the child’s critical & creative thinking ability through mathematical concepts.
With i-Maths, your little bundle of happiness will fall in love with math.

WHY i-Maths?

i-Maths fosters enthusiasm in your child towards math and makes learning fun. It is a program for young children designed in accordance with the pattern of how children learn to understand mathematical concepts.

Children that start early, persevere long! Through i-Maths, we develop children’s creative and critical thinking skills in a more practical and fun-based approach. The i-Maths program aims to

  • Establish a strong foundation for learning in the early years of a child
  • Stimulate brain development by making math a fun and enjoyable experience
  • Help children make a smooth transition to school settings
  • Encourage application of concepts in real time environment

How children learn?

Learning through
Purposeful Play

Learning through
Exploration & Experimentation

Learning through

Learning through
application with Mathematical
& Critical-Thinking




i-Maths establishes a strong foundation for learning in the early years of a child and stimulates brain development that leads to a better future.